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My name is Tommy Jepsen. I'm a Copenhagen-based Product Developer with a Master of Arts from Southern University of Denmark.

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7 years of experience

I've worked with conceptualizing, designing and developing digital products for over 7 years from Copenhagen, Denmark and London, UK.

Clients include among many Børsen, WWF, Grip AI, Waoo, Novo Nordisk Fonden, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, Alka and Tattoodo in various roles and job requirements.

My main tools of trade is React on Next/CRA, Node.js with Express, React Native, Figma, After Effects, Blender and Shopify. I'm decent in using AWS and GCP, and developing apps natively through Swift and Kotlin.

Digitale ApS


I've been freelancing on-and-off for about 5 years between full-time jobs. I've latest worked with the client Waoo.dk (Internet provider), to help redesign their streaming platforms for a better user-experience and create motion graphic states for use of their logo in the digital space.



As Head of Digital Products I was responsible for conceptualizing, designing, developing and managing multiple entirely new e-sport focused digital projects that included everything from early needs-clarifications and digital design to hiring and managing an out-sourced development team.



As Head of Product my main responsibility was having an overview of our entire product team and third party vendors. This included prioritizing the backlog according to commercial feedback and data, together with leading the inhouse product team from project management to quality assurance and digital design. We raised over 10 mio. DKK in my team at Stinto and onboard clients such as Warner Brothers and CBS.

Grip AI Events


London based AI-startup Grip hired me as a Software developer and UI/UX designer to help improve and ship new features for their entire product portfolio consisting of iOS, Android and Web.

Monsterlab / Nodes


Full-time software engineer developing native Swift/Obj-c iOS, Java/Kotlin Android and Angular Front-end applications for various danish and international clients.

Red Cross Cph


I did volunteering to help improve and create a new platform for their yearly aid-collecting event.